Unit 6: Art of the East

This unit will focus on art from Asia including India, Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Japan.  We will specifically look at art and artwork created prior to 1200 c.e.  All of the material covered in this unit falls under the category of Art Beyond the European Tradition.

Chapters in your Gardner's textbook: 6, 7 & 8

Presentation Assignment

  1. Choose two pieces of art/architecture from the list provided.
  2. Complete a graphic organizer about each piece.
  3. Develop a 5-10 minute presentation.
    • The goal of your presentation is to provide information for your peers so that they can learn about the artwork (it’s importance, key factors, etc).
    • It should be shareable (i.e. a prezi, a google presentation, etc.) so that your peers may look back at your information as a study tool.
    • You should include both images and written information.
    • Use your graphic organizer as a guideline for what to present about.

Additional Resources

Browse through these additional resources: