Unit 7: Native Arts of the Americas, Africa & Oceania

This unit will focus on the art of native cultures in North and South America, Africa, and Oceania.  All of the material covered in this unit falls under the category of Art Beyond the European Tradition.

Chapters in your Gardner's textbook: 

  • Americas--14 & 32
  • Africa--15 & 34
  • Oceania--33


Reading Guides

Native Americas Reading Guide.docx Native Americas Reading Guide.docx
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Native Americas Reading Guide 2.docx Native Americas Reading Guide 2.docx
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Image Lists

Native Americas Image List.pdf Native Americas Image List.pdf
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Image List

Africa Image List.pdf Africa Image List.pdf
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Group Presentation

Africa Assignment.pdf Africa Assignment.pdf
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Reading Guide

Oceania Reading Guide.docx Oceania Reading Guide.docx
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Image List

Oceania Image List.pdf Oceania Image List.pdf
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Additional Resources

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